BBC film about Anuta to be shown on TV

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
BBC film about Anuta to be shown on TV

The 3rd episode of the latest ‘Tribe’ series takes Bruce Parry to the tiny island of Anuta, sister island to Tikopia. This program was filmed by the BBC on Anuta last year. Read about their first research visit in Klaus’ report below.
It will be shown on BBC2 on Tuesday 4th September at 9pm UK time. You can also read about it on the BBC website:

Unfortunately, last year we were not ready yet to sail Bruce to the island on a Tama Moana (Child of the Sea) double canoe, so he sailed there on a French production cat, but he does go fishing on one of the native canoes.

Klaus Hympendahl is now working full time on raising the funds for the Tikopia Project. We will soon be able to give more details of progress and a voyage plan.

The major British newspapers have taken particular interest in the Anuta episode of Tribe and this article was published in the Observer of 26th August:

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