Paito Tafua
Matauto Village
Tikopia Island
8th Oct 05

My dear Mr. Klaus Hympendahl,

Hello and good day or night!
This is the letter to inform you and Mr. James Wharram and Hanneke I have informed the two chiefs of Anuta about the two catamarans will be for 2006 for our latest news.
This is because David* and Henriette are going to Anuta and they have asked me if I have mail they would take it to Anuta. So I think it is good time to talk to Ti Anuta and Ti Kainanga. Also I would like post this letter by mail and have enclosed my picture with Stefan and Sabina. We went over to the other side Asanga, you might remember we were before when you were here.

Package to Dr. Gunther Kittel will be sent to me by any ship of Registration for Election 2006, it will be October to November 2005. So hope you inform Dr. Kittel to forward to me please.

May I close with love and warmest regards

From Te Ariki Tafua and family

* David Martin on yacht ‘Galatea’ from New Zealand, who is organising the repair of the breached lake on Tikopia.

Klaus Hympendahl's

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